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With almost five billion mobile phone users worldwide, the capability of sending bulk SMS messages to your client base is powerful. SMS messaging forms an intrinsic part of a mobile marketing plan and strategy for many businesses and brands and Cosmic SMS Web’s service is a versatile tool that can be used easily within your existing browser, providing you with a range of intuitive features. It couldn’t be easier to communicate key information instantly.

Send long SMS messages

While most SMS messages are restricted to 160 characters - often not enough to get your message across - our bulk SMS service allows you to promote your business by sending messages of up to 612 characters in length. Enjoy this freedom and versatility without being confined to a low word count.

Schedule SMS messages

SMS marketing couldn’t be easier with Cosmic SMS. Simply compose your message, choose your recipients and the time and date on which you wish to send it. Submit the message for scheduling and Cosmic SMS will take care of the rest, leaving you to get on with other important business.

Set message sender

Receiving a message from an unknown sender can feel intrusive, if a little irritating. Cosmic SMS allows you to brand your messages with a customised sender ID, making your SMS messages instantly recognisable. We believe this more personal approach will have greater impact on your recipients and create client stickiness.

Track delivery status

We make it easy for you to monitor the delivery status, online and in real time, of every message you send, from the comfort of your web browser. You can also generate online delivery reports and even filter them to search for useful data on your clients.

Set-Up SMS Contacts & Groups

Harnessing the power of Cosmic SMS, organise and segment your contacts into specific groups. This allows you to target relevant demographic groups of contacts making it a highly efficient method of text marketing.

Get low credit alert

Our service helps you keep your account topped up according to your budget. Providing you have a sufficient balance, we will continue to send scheduled bulk SMS messages on your behalf. If you start to get low on funds, we’ll send you an automatic email alert to let you know.

Download Web SMS – Send User Guide PDF

Cosmic SMS Web SMS service is designed to be effective, yet simple to use. If you still have any questions about our service, feel free to get in touch with us or take a look at our FAQ for more information.

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