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Every day, organisations of all kinds are discovering the amazing possibilities of SMS.

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Core Services


Web SMS Send

Powerful, secure, easy to use, web based service for sending text messages to one or multiple recipients.

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Web SMS Receive

Highly versatile inbound SMS service enabling you to receive text messages to a dedicated SMS number.

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Text enable your website or business applications using our SMS Gateway API and developer toolkits.

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A few reasons to use Cosmic SMS

For any situation where you need to get in touch with your audience quickly and securely, we provide the ideal solution at an affordable price, with no set-up, monthly or any other on-going charges for sending SMS messages. Country by country flat rate pricing, a 3p per SMS UK rate and with further discounts for high volume users, we have an SMS solution for every type of business user.

Great value

Hard to beat low cost, flat rate pricing and message credit that never expires. No bundles, no tie-ins, no confusion.

Dependable support

We are always there to help you explore and fully realise the potential of SMS within your organisation. An honest, transparent approach is our key to building lasting relationships with our customers.

Fast, secure delivery

High throughput, reliability, secure end to end encryption and fast delivery. Typically, 90% of messages are received within 10 seconds.

Online reporting

With close to real-time tracking of message delivery and powerful reporting features showing summary and detail views of message history.

Information security

Cosmic SMS is committed to providing a secure environment for your personal and business data and is on track to be ISO 27001 certified by 4th quarter 2016. Your data is secure with us.

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