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The Cosmic SMS Inbound SMS service enables you to receive text messages to a dedicated virtual mobile number (VMN). You can also set-up SMS auto-response and message forwarding via email and SMS. The inbound SMS service can be used in a variety of ways – as a reply number for feedback, for voting and competitions, collecting subscriber data, receiving automated texts from telemetry systems, receiving sales enquiries, appointment confirmations and many more uses besides. You can also set up an unlimited number of keywords, each of which can be enabled with its own SMS auto-response and message forwarding options - a truly versatile and powerful inbound SMS management system.

View received SMS

View online, messages received to your VMN.

Send SMS auto-response

Set up an automatic text reply when a message is received to your VMN.

Forwarding via email

Set up a forwarding email address for received messages - no charge.

Forwarding via SMS

Set up forwarding for a received message to any number of recipient mobile numbers via SMS.

Automatic subscription

Save sender mobile numbers for received messages to an SMS group. The SMS group for your VMN can then be sent messages via the Web SMS service.

Set up keywords

A keyword is based on the first word in the received text message. Each keyword can have their own SMS auto-response and message forwarding options.

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