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As well as using SMS to promote your business, we can also help you to receive information from your customers. Cosmic SMS Inbound SMS service enables you to receive SMS text messages and view them online. We can help you receive feedback, voting results, competition winners, subscriber data, questionnaire responses and more. To add a personal touch, you can also include an auto-reply option and messaging forwarding through email and SMS. You can even choose to set up an unlimited number of keywords, each of which can be enabled its own particular SMS auto-response. This tool is truly powerful and versatile, allowing you to connect with your audience.

View Received SMS Messages

Our inbound SMS service means you can view every SMS response you receive from your customers and clients online. Each message is stored in your virtual mobile number (VMN) – an invaluable way to gain crucial feedback for your business, helping you to prosper and grow.

Send SMS Automated Responses

This feature allows you to set an unlimited number of keywords which, when triggered by a received SMS response, automatically sends your client a customised response, adding a personal touch and showing your audience that their opinions matter to you.

Forwarding Via Email

For no additional charge users can enjoy the feature of setting up an automated email address service. This means that any SMS message you receive will be forwarded to an email address making it easier to view responses online.

Forwarding Via SMS

Similar to our email forwarding service, this function allows users to set up any number of recipients mobile numbers to forward SMS messages. Another simple and time-saving solution.

Automatic Subscription

Cosmic SMS inbound SMS service gives you the option to save recipients’ mobile numbers to a specific group. You can then send bulk SMS messages out to particular groups of contacts who you know are more likely to respond.

Set Up Unlimited Keywords

A keyword is based on the first word in the text messages that you receive. With our SMS inbound service you can set up an automated response or message forwarding option for an unlimited amount of keywords, adding a truly personal touch to SMS marketing.

Download Web SMS – Receive User Guide PDF

Cosmic SMS Inbound SMS service is designed to make it simple to receive huge amounts of vital information from your audience. If you have any questions about our Inbound SMS service or any of our other SMS services, be sure to get in touch with us or take a look at our FAQ.

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