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It’s the business: SMS at work

There are many benefits to using SMS, not least the high open rates compared to email – everyone reads a text – and the 99.9% delivery rates.

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The ability to send a message to an unlimited number of recipients - knowing that the message will be delivered within seconds - has made SMS an essential tool for all types of businesses and organisations.

Efficient and fast

No other messaging technology manages to provide a combination of almost total reach and nearly instant delivery.

Improve staff communications

Company-wide broadcasts, contacting field based staff, meeting reminders, news updates, employee feedback – all help streamline your organisation’s logistics, which improve productivity and reduce costs.

Increase sales

Most marketing emails go unread, postal campaigns can be costly/ineffective and telemarketing can be considered intrusive. SMS however, is a much more cost effective solution compared to traditional marketing approaches and generally considered to be more acceptable by message recipients.

Enhance customer service

Keep your customers informed via SMS - the progress of online orders or enquiries, booking confirmations, feedback requests, appointment reminders, subscriber updates, etc. SMS notifications help improve the customer experience, whilst also promoting brand awareness and improving efficiency.

Cost effective

The combination of low cost (a few pence per SMS text message), plus high read and response rates mean that no other communication medium can compete on effectiveness, ROI and overall value for money.

Our Customers Include

Recruitment agencies

Broadcasting job vacancy details to job applicants, saving time and reducing phone call costs.


Keeping parents informed - school closures, absenteeism etc.


Providing text-in services for local council services enquiries.

Rescue Services

Team callouts for missing persons and life threatening emergencies.

Insurance Companies

Sending text updates for insurance claims processing.


Sending appointment reminders - for people and their pets!


Confirming booking reservations.

Utility Companies

Confirming engineer appointments, sending bill reminders.

Sports/Activity Centres

Managing staffing requirements for sporting events.

Online Takeaway Ordering

Confirming online orders.


Keeping customers informed of up and coming events.

Taxi Services

Updating drivers with booking confirmation details.

Data Centres

Automating server health alerts.

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