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High open and response rates, reliable delivery and a virtually limitless number of recipients means that SMS messages are a guaranteed method of reaching your client base. And with the functionality already built into mobile phone devices with no third party app required, SMS is now an essential tool that all types of businesses and organisations can and should be using.

Efficient And Fast

The combination of an extensive reach and a near instant delivery time makes SMS messaging an immensely powerful communication tool. While many emails go unopened, almost all texts are read within three minutes; your clients are literally ready and waiting to hear from you

Improve Staff Communications

By integrating SMS messaging into your business you will have the ability to send company-wide broadcasts to everyone across the business - or to a select number of individuals. Your broadcasts could contain meeting reminders, news updates - even employee feedback, helping you to streamline logistics as well as boost productivity and reduce costs.

Increase Sales

There’s something about receiving a text message that prompts us to read it straight away. SMS messages have a far higher open rate, compared to email and the response rate, too, is significantly higher. Add to this the ability to send lightning fast messages to an unlimited number of recipients, SMS is an essential marketing tool that no organisations should be without.

Enhance Customer Service

Keeping your customers informed via SMS is more effective than any other form of communication. Whether it’s booking confirmations, progress of online orders, feedback requests or appointment reminders, your message can be sent quickly and easily to your clients using SMS communication tools. SMS notifications will further enhance customer experience and promote brand awareness, meaning your clients will be more likely to use your business again.

Cost Efficient

Boost your business on a budget. At only a few pence per message, sending an SMS to your customers is very cost effective. Together with the high read and response rates, no other form of communication can compete with the cost to effectiveness ratio of SMS messaging.

Whatever industry sector you work in, there are numerous ways we can help promote and grow your business using SMS messaging. Our SMS and business solution has worked for customers in sectors such as:

Recruitment agencies

Broadcasting job vacancy details to job applicants, saving time and reducing phone call costs.


Keeping parents informed - school closures, absenteeism etc.


Providing text-in services for local council services enquiries.

Rescue Services

Team callouts for missing persons and life threatening emergencies.

Insurance Companies

Sending text updates for insurance claims processing.


Sending appointment reminders - for people and their pets!


Confirming booking reservations.

Utility Companies

Confirming engineer appointments, sending bill reminders.

Sports/Activity Centres

Managing staffing requirements for sporting events.

Online Takeaway Ordering

Confirming online orders.


Keeping customers informed of up and coming events.

Taxi Services

Updating drivers with booking confirmation details.

Data Centres

Automating server health alerts.

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