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Case Study

GSM Activate

Using SMS to send text messages to users when a fire alarms go off in their building


GSM Activate is a UK based manufacturer of high quality, reliable and durable GSM products. They were recently tasked with providing some machinery that could automatically send text messages to users if a fire alarm went off in their building. This feature was of high importance as it was meant to send messages to hard of hearing staff/students, or anyone in the building. This could then alert them via text message that a fire alarm went off as they might not be able to hear the standard audible warning. 

Understanding the issue

GSM Activate was already creating devices which could do exactly this, but they were limited to having only 3 users per device. Another issue was that each device had it's own SIM Card number, which meant they needed a solution that provided one master number that all of the users could log themselves in to. 

"Cosmic has provided an excellent user-friendly platform, which enables us to send out in seconds real-time alerts to our customers that fire alarms have been triggered. The end users need this text message as they are hard of hearing so the visible alert is often their only chance to get this warning. The guys at Cosmic have been extremely helpful in the planning, testing and roll out and have managed to work with us to find a customised solution which we trust fully in and rely on."


After meeting up, we came up with the solution that Cosmic SMS could log individual fire alarm numbers and user groups to a master fire alarm number. The beauty of the service is that there are no limitations to the number of users and nearly everything is automated.


SMS was the missing piece of the puzzle for GSM Activate, and now a user can text a location code to log themselves to a fire alarm server. Once that's done, they receive an instant notification to their phone, informing them they're signed up to the service. Which means that every time the fire alarm goes off in that location, they will be notified within seconds. This is very handy on big sites like universities as they can log into the faculty in which their class is held and will only get alerts for those buildings. If they ever change classes, it's very easy to log in and out of different buildings.

GSM Activate has installed over 100 of these systems around the country in Universities, Shopping Centres, Art Galleries and Large Office Complexes, and about 200 messages get sent out every day. 

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