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June 25 2019

How 2-way SMS can enhance your customer engagement

Finding out more about your client base, gathering feedback, and engaging with them in real time is made simple by using 2-way SMS messaging to conduct polls, surveys and questionnaires.

No-one has time these days to complete lengthy questionnaires, but done correctly, short, simple SMS surveys can give you the crucial data you require, and by analysing those results, you can make the necessary changes to your business, to improve your products and services - and ultimately keep your customers happy.

SMS surveys offer an ideal solution to collect information and feedback in numerous situations:

SMS surveys provide all this by targeting your audience’s mobile devices, which in turn ensures the highest response rate; with 90% of texts opened within 3 minutes, we know that SMS messages are read more quickly than emails and that mobile devices are the ideal platform to target your customers in a way that increases the chances of them responding.

With 2-way SMS, feedback can also be lightning fast – in fact, SMS polls can be conducted in close to real time, say, at a corporate event. By including an automatic thank-you text to everyone who participates in the survey at the end, your respondents will feel valued and included, thus increasing client engagement.

One of our clients, Presenta, provides high-tech conference recording and webcasting services for major UK and international organisations. A dedicated SMS number for receiving messages at Q&A sessions, voting and general feedback at events, has given them a level of engagement with live audiences not previously possible and giving them an edge in a very competitive market. For Q&A sessions at conferences, questions are displayed on a big screen along with the SMS reply number. Delegates are then invited to send in feedback via SMS which can then be displayed in a live stream to any display, device or social media outlet such as Facebook and YouTube. With events and conferences being very expensive to host, extracting the maximum value is increasingly important and 2-way SMS messaging has given Presenta that added dimension.

Sending engaging 2-way SMS messages is simple and cost effective. Find out how Cosmic SMS can help provide you with this convenient and efficient way to harvest important information from your audience and gather the insight you need to grow your business and improve on what you do.

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