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SMS API: send/receive

Add the capability to send and receive SMS messages to your website with the power of Cosmic SMS Gateway REST API.

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Add value to your organisation by integrating SMS messaging into your website or business application. With Cosmic SMS you can send and receive SMS messages through your website. Cosmic SMS Gateway API bridges the gap between SMS and the internet - and can be very a powerful marketing tool for any business looking to launch a new form of communication with their client base.

Send SMS Messages

Once you have integrated the SMS Gateway API with your website or business application you can start to send and receive SMS messages straight away. All your messages are then stored on the Cosmic SMS Gateway Rest API and are easily accessible to view whenever you wish.

Schedule SMS Messages

You can also schedule SMS messages by writing text messages in advance, selecting contacts and choosing a specified date and time for the message to be sent. You needn’t ever worry about forgetting to send out a message or text alert – another example of the seamless integration our SMS Gateway API can provide.

Message Delivery Confirmation

Our Cosmic SMS Gateway Rest API SMS message delivery confirmation alert system will send you alerts with information on SMS messages that you have sent. These alerts will contain key information including the time that your message was sent out and the current delivery status of the message or messages.

Easy To Check SMS Credit Balance

Checking your current SMS credit balance is easy with our SMS API. This feature shows in detail exactly how many unsent messages are left on your account, so you know when you need to top-up your balance before sending out further SMS messages - no sudden surprises.

Set Message Sender

Boost awareness of your brand by personalising the name of the sender on your message. Your clients will see your company name on their phone screen, giving your messages a more personal feel when and enhancing customer stickiness. You can even set the sender ID for your clients’ response to you.

Receive SMS Messages

With a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) you can receive SMS messages to your company website or application. From there you can set up a message forwarding feature where messages you receive are automatically forwarded to a specific URL of your choosing.

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