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UK case study: The music man

Andy runs a security firm that specialises in outdoor events, which can sometimes employ several hundred people. In the past this level of organisation could be a logistical nightmare as there was no easy way to instantly contact staff, some of whom could be a couple of miles away.

Now he uses Cosmic SMS to send texts, which means staff don’t have to keep checking in with a supervisor but can stay out on the site for as long as they need. It also means Andy’s crew can find out where their people are, on sites that are several miles across.

Sometimes they send out a couple of hundred texts at a time, but mostly they use smaller numbers as he and his team request their team members move to locations that need them. They can also stay in touch with police or ambulance staff and send out weather updates if things start to look dicey...

They even use SMS to coordinate lifts back to staff accommodation and to answer or update them about pay, time off etc. And when they’re not needed, telling the workers to take a break and enjoy the show!

International case study #1: Great for freight

Fleet owners are increasingly using wireless GPS to let them know what their lorries are up to, with the result that the amount of time vehicle engines are left idling is reduced.

Real-time information - including idling time, fuel consumption, driving speeds, vehicle location and employee work time - enables them to make better decisions about driver performance, customer service and efficient routing.

Kent-based fleet manager Gary uses a provider of wireless GSM services for the machine to machine sector, as well as a firm which supplies GPS tracking services for fleet.

The final piece of the jigsaw is his Cosmic SMS package, which sends him the reports. Gary is able to locate his drivers whenever he wants to, a feature which is of particular reassurance when they are on the Continent, a long way from home.

International #2: Supercharged surveys

The market research industry has already discovered why SMS makes sense for their business. One company in this sector used Cosmic SMS to manage a survey they were running to gauge consumer opinions of various household products. Participants agreed to receive texts with multiple choice questions about their level of satisfaction with the goods. They sent their replies using our SMS, the data was collated by the company and reports were then provided for the products' manufacturers.

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