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February 15 2019

Why you should consider SMS Marketing

There are many different methods of getting your message out to your target demographic. However, it is SMS messaging that is actually one of the best methods of marketing your organisation. In this article we will be explaining the benefits of SMS marketing and why if you haven’t yet, you really should consider it for your business.

Global reach

One of the beautiful things about SMS messaging is the fact that you can send out a message to a recipient anywhere on the planet. As long as someone has a mobile phone and phone signal, they are in reach of your messaging range. It is a scalable solution for when brands want to target a global audience. Bigger organisations that do their business overseas could definitely benefit from this feature of SMS messaging.

SMS messages are easily accessible

It is no secret how popular mobile phones are. It is rare that you meet someone who does not have a mobile phone. Every phone comes fitted with SMS functionality. This is why SMS marketing is so effective. Your business is able to send out an SMS message or alert informing your customer base of whatever you like and they will receive this message wherever they are. This feature can be fully taken advantage of for promotional offers, reminders, shipping notifications and so much more, all of which will draw in more business.

SMS marketing is cost efficient

Bulk SMS messaging is a very cost efficient method of marketing your business. With SMS marketing you pay for the messages that you actually send. You will have a much higher rate of engagement and responses due to the fact you are messaging people through their personal mobile device. People often carry their phone with them, so your message will arrive to them wherever they are, making them think about your business. Also you are able to send a message out to up to 10,000 people at once.

There are many different benefits of using bulk SMS messaging to market your business. Not only will it save you money over other methods of advertising and marketing, but it will also prove to be very effective in getting you good results. If you have any questions about bulk SMS messaging services, be sure to get in contact with us.

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