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June 19 2019

Using SMS for staff communications

Using SMS to communicate in real-time to customers is highly effective, but using SMS to engage with staff is just as efficient, whether used for individual, group or companywide communications. In previous blogs, we’ve explored how the average person is more comfortable with text messaging – or SMS – than they are with email, phone, or any other form of digital communication and how texts are more likely to be read and responded to more quickly than an email.

It’s possible for businesses to build an entire internal communication strategy using text messaging. SMS allows you to instantly communicate with staff anywhere in the world and is ideal for getting messages out to staff quickly, especially those without email access, or who work from home or are off-site.  SMS can often be cheaper than a phone call and will almost certainly be read more quickly than an email.

Here are some easy ways to start using SMS to communicate with your staff:

Meeting Reminders

There’s so much going on within a company or organization on any given day just to keep it running smoothly. Sometimes things like conference calls and meetings slip through the cracks and are forgotten. You can simply remedy this by sending out alerts to remind employees where to be, and when for meetings. Messages can be sent out to single individuals, or to a group.


For internal recruitment, SMS provides easy links for employees to apply for available positions within the company. Externally, SMS can be used to confirm interview details with candidates. It’s a discreet and effective reminder and will reduce the number of no-shows.


Notify staff when their salaries have been credited to their bank accounts. Employees will be grateful for the speedy notification a simple SMS can save time on sending emails or making phone calls.

Emergency Notifications

When you need to communicate urgently with staff in a crisis, SMS ensures your messages gets there quickly and are read. SMS is also the most efficient way to keep your employees informed in case of an emergency during the work day. Whether you’re sending your employees real-time updates and instructions after a security alert. Many companies use SMS to deliver emergency notifications. For example, if overnight snow conditions create travel issues, you can send out a group message that notifies employees to work from home.

Staff rotas and scheduling

Use SMS to communicate shift patterns, allocate jobs to engineering and delivery staff or offer overtime, SMS can ensure that staff effectiveness is maximised.

Surveys & polls

The versatility of SMS gives you a quick and simple way to do internal polling, even if it’s something fun such as deciding which day to hold the office Christmas party.

Don’t forget that SMS messaging is ideal for transmitting concise information and should not be used to replace more lengthy emails or monthly reports – and does not replace face-to-face conversation.

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