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April 9 2019

Using SMS to keep on top of appointment scheduling

We all need a memory jog from time to time, especially in today’s busy world as we are bombarded with calendar invites and our To Do list grows ever longer. Unfortunately, key events and meetings do get forgotten - in fact, according to the NHS, more than 15 million GP appointments are missed each year because patients fail to turn up. Missed doctor’s appointments are not just an inconvenience for the surgery – they are costing the NHS more than £216 million – the equivalent of 58,320 hip replacements.

With Cosmic SMS Web’s service, reminders can be sent quickly and easily to patients using SMS communication tools, meaning that important appointments aren’t missed. Sending out an SMS reminder 24 to 48 hours before an appointment allows patients to confirm, reschedule, or cancel, freeing up valuable time for other patients.

SMS appointment reminders aren’t limited to doctors surgeries either - other healthcare practices, beauty salons, bars and restaurants, property and letting agents, leisure centres and gyms, garages and delivery services can all benefit. No-shows’ are more than simply an inconvenience; last-minute schedule changes can significantly impact the efficiency and profitability of your organisation.

While stricter spam filters mean that emails can easily be missed, SMS messages pop up automatically on phone screens while lightning fast delivery makes them tailor-made for appointment and reservation reminders. SMS functionality is already built into mobile phone devices and no third party app required, making it is an essential tool for any business managing and maximising their appointment or reservation booking system.

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