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August 27 2019

How to create SMS sub accounts

One of the most popular features at Cosmic SMS is the functionality that allows sub accounts to be set up within one master account. This is ideal for larger scale enterprises or institutions with multiple departments (or staff members) which may require separate accounts, but still need to remain controlled by one master account.

Manage your account, track activity and check your billing history with sub-accounts. Users can overview of all your SMS activity quickly and easily. The master account can keep track of each sub account’s activity and even move credits between the sub-accounts instantly and easily. Use sub-accounts to set up as many user accounts as required, and assign each user with different permissions through your admin login.


Our sub-account structure is ideal for big business or enterprise, allowing for multi-department admin, management, tracking and billing. It might also be just the solution for splitting phone numbers and application settings for a specific end customer. Simply set up as many sub-accounts as you need; each user client will have its own settings and users - these settings can be edited directly from the master account.


For instance, through the main admin control panel, you can add new sub-users and create rules, such as:



The parent account is essentially the control centre of your SMS services; sub-accounts can share the same credits balance from this main account but each sub-account can also have its own login and password, levels of accessibility, permission levels and manage the history of activity.


Get in touch with us today if you’d like to know more about setting up sub-accounts.

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