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September 24 2019

How SMS messaging can take logistics to the next level

Since amazon and eBay transformed internet shopping, the online retail market has continued to grow and evolve – and the rise of smartphones has subsequently changed the way consumers interact with retailers and the logistics companies who deliver their goods.

Customers not only demand low cost delivery these days - they want access to specific information such as estimated delivery time, consignment tracking - even contact details for the driver.  Initially, this information was typically provided by email but logistics companies soon realised that the rising popularity of SMS messaging offered a whole new approach to managing the customer experience – and real-time updates provided by two-way SMS messaging have since become an efficient way for many businesses seeking to improve customer relationships.

Solutions include:

Customer retention

We’re all short on time, and increasingly, consumers want to know the real-time progress of their delivery so they can have flexibility over when they receive their goods – choosing to wait in or suggesting alternative delivery options (safe place, next day etc). Offering customers timely updates via SMS messaging can improve customer retention.

Streamlining communications

Lightning fast text messaging and mobile marketing have become a good solution for courier companies to communicate directly with their customers; while phone calls are subject to human error, a text message regarding delivery time, confirmation of address or consignment details is more reliable.

The business model for the logistics industry has evolved, putting the customer in control of the delivery process and 2-way SMS messaging provides the perfect solution.

Find out how we can provide you with a convenient and efficient way to communicate effectively with your client base, not only keeping your business running smoothly but keeping your customers happy and engaged.

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