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April 3 2019

Can SMS work in retail marketing?

The growth of online shopping has meant that it has become increasingly difficult for retail businesses to thrive and prosper. Online marketing offers a significant barrier for retail businesses as it’s now so easy for a consumer to browse a range of online stores and the chances are that a consumer can find whatever they want online and order it that same day.

So how can a retail business compete with this? We believe SMS Marketing offers real benefits to retail businesses. With customers constantly using their phones to research online, SMS marketing can take advantage of this by delivering alerts directly to a customer’s mobile device. Specific opportunities for retailers include:

So how do you gain an SMS audience in the first place? Here’s a few thoughts… and with all of these, you can offer an incentive for those who sign up to receive your alerts:

Interested to see what SMS marketing can do for your retail business? We would love to hear from you to talk through your requirements and see if there’s a strategy we can help you put in place!

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